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HARAKEVET.  Main working version

(ISSN 0964‑8763).

Last update: 12/07/2005.




Introduction.  An Index can never be wholly complete, but the following technical notes may help users.

1.    The first digits are the Issue number; then the item, then a sub-item within a general heading.

       This magazine began as A4 typed and photocopied. Issues 1-8 were so produced, at irregular intervals. Issues 9 - 48 were produced in A5, and printed, (there was no separate issue 43) and a regular order developed:

Item 1 -  The cover photo,

Item 2 -  "Editorial",

Item 3 -  A photo,

Item 4 -  "News from the Line".

       Then came - not always in the same order - "Notes and Comments" (mainly but not exclusively on previous items), "Other Middle East Railways" - mainly but not exclusively "news", some historic items would also be included; "Rolling Stock Notes" if enough had gathered to make a separate heading; then a variety of miscellaneous items.

       This order has been maintained in the A4 issues 49 - date.  Production switched to an Amstrad word-processor and then to a PC; although material was usually typed in "Works" it is sent in "Text" (without any formatting) for the printer to re-work. 

2.    Clearly many items could be indexed under different headings - as a loco type, a country, a builder, in a museum.......  Some orthographic idiosyncrasies have been of necessity incorporated in this Index and, wherever possible, a hint is given under one heading where information could be found under another. Israel Railways locomotives are listed partly as such, under "L", and partly under terms such as "Esslingen" under "E". PR steam locos are listed under their normally-accepted class descriptions - "LMS", "ROD", "P-Class", "Baldwin" etc. Accidents are under "A" but Derailments under "D"; "Museum" and "Preservation" overlap; Jordan and Hedjaz and Syria overlap.... so that notes on the Serghaya line could be found under "Syria", "Hedjaz" or "Beirut-Damascus Rly."; "Coaches" are under "C", but "Wagons" are under "Freight Vehicles", "F". Consistency is hard to attain with Hebrew and Arabic place-names, there are questions as to use of "K" or "Q", whether "El" means that everything must come under "E", etc. The reader is advised to use some common-sense and intuition. The hope is simply that, with this listing, one can at least trace all items to do with a specific subject.


                                                Rabbi Walter Rothschild.






Abu Dhabi. Scheme for LRT network, 1998.                                                   42:9:(g).


Accidents & Incidents.  (See also Derailments).                                              7:2:1‑5.

            -                                                                                                           14:5:11.                       

            -                                                                                                           14:5:13.

            -                                                                                                           14:5:14.

            -                                                                                                           15:5:8.

            -                                                                                                           16:4:1-3.

            -                                                                                                           17: 4.

            -                                                                                                           18: 4.

            -                                                                                                           21:4:7. 

            - Rehovot level crossing.                                                                       21:4:13.

            - Sandbox incident.                                                                               24:4:1.

            - Fatality at Level crossing.                                                                   26:4:(h).

            - Fatalities, July 1994.                                                                           26:4:(r).

            - Collision with crane.                                                                           26:4:9t)

            - Fatality at Hoterim.                                                                             27:4:(a).

            - 1940"s washout on HBT.                                                                  32:8.

                        - note from Robin Davies. It was 1946, nr. Acre.                      33:10:(d).

            - Derailment at Bat Galim, 22/5/96.                                                       34:4:(a).

            - Train hit tractor near Zikhron Ya"akov. 30/5/1996.                             34:4:(b).

            - Attempted suicide, Hof Carmel.30/5/96.                                             34:4:(b).

            - IC3 hit by electricity pole. 3/6/1996.                                                   34:4:(e).

            - Fire alongside line, 1/6/96.                                                                  34:4:(k).

            - 25/11/1997 worker hit on track near Binyamina.                                 39:4:(p).

            - 27/11/97. Suicide nr. Herzliyya.                                                          39:4:(q).

            - Failure over Herzliyya LC, 9/9/98.                                                      42:4:(h).

            - Failure of e.c.s working at Rehovot, 13/7/98.                                      42:4:(e).

            - Collision at Rinatya, 8/2/1999. locos 608/613 damaged.                     44:4:(g).

            - Possible suicide on LC near Binyamina, 22/11/98.                              44:4:(h).

            - Flooding closes main line, 31/12/98.                                                   44:4:(f).

            - Near-catastrophe  at Tel Baruch, 24/5/1999.                                      45:4:(k).


Acre‑Damascus Rly. P.E.F. Report, 1892, (See also 'Haifa‑Damascus Rly')   4:6(a)


Adams LSWR 0‑6‑0's:                                                                                  11:11

            Further notes,                                                                                       12:6.

            Photo in use on Jerusalem line,                                                              17:1.


Afule   - In 1943. (Photo)                                                                                24:3.

            - Sale of land in 1920"s.                                                                      27:8.

            - Note on sales, by Donald Silk.                                                           28:6:(d).

Agents Provocateurs at Egged.                                                                         11:25.

Ain El-Fije Stn. (Damascus-Serghaya line). April 1996. Photo).                        33:12.

Ain Harod. Deutz n.g. diesel.                                                                           48:12.

Air‑Conditioning of IR coaches.                                                                      6:3:4.

            ‑ditto‑                                                                                                  7:3:4.

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